Bassett Hall (photograph; 1907)
John Blair House (photograph; 1899)
John Blair House (photograph; 1907)
John Blair House (c. 1910)
John Blair House (c. late 1920s)
Mrs. Bucktrout's House (1930)
William Finney / Semple / Peyton Randolph House (photograph; 1907)
James Geddy House (garden; c. 1937)
Ludwell-Paradise House (photograph; 1937)
Pitt-Dixon House (c. 1937)
Porto Bello (photograph; 1899)
The Quarter (drawing)
George Reid House / Captain Orr's Dwelling
John Rolfe House
Tazewell Hall (c. late 1920s)
St. George Tucker House (c. 1910)
George Wythe House (photograph; 1899)
George Wythe House (photograph; 1916)
Wythe House (photograph; 1907)
Wythe House (c. 1910)

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Armistead House (photograph; 1907)
Dr. Barraud House (garden)
Bowden-Armistead House (1928) (background)
Bowden-Armistead House (c. 1918) (background)
Bowden-Armistead House (background)
Bracken Tenement (1927-1930) (background)
Bracken Tenement (1940's ?) (background)
Brush-Everard House (c. 1958)
Carter-Saunders House (c. 1958)
Carter-Saunders House (garden)
Carter-Saunders House (background)
Roscow Cole, Wythe, and St. George Tucker Houses (c. 1914) (background)
Roscow Cole House (1940's) (background)
Alexander Craig House (background; 1983)
Richard Crump House (1940's ?) (background)
Elkanah Deane House (garden and outbuildings)
Greenhow Tenement (background)
Grissell Hay dairy / Archibald Blair dairy (photograph; late 19th century)
Grissell Hay Lodging House (background; c. 1902)
Grissell Hay Lodging House (background; c. 1910)
Grissell Hay Lodging House (background; c. 1927)
Grissell Hay Lodging House (background)
Grissell Hay Lodging House (background; mid to late 1930s)
Grissell Hay Lodging House (photograph background; 1940s ?)
Grissell Hay Lodging House and Peyton Randolph House (background)
Grissell Hay Lodging House (background; c. 1928)
James Geddy House (background)
Houses along Jamestown Road (early 1920s)
Lightfoot House (c. 1900; background)
William Lightfoot House (background, c. 1908)
William Lightfoot House (background)
Ludwell-Paradise House (background; early 1940s)
Ludwell-Paradise House (1942; background)
Ludwell-Paradise House, Duke of Gloucester St. (photograph; before 1921)
Ludwell-Paradise House, George Pitt House (late 1940's) (background)
Garden of the Prentis House (1951) (rear of house)
Garden of the Prentis House
Taliaferro-Cole House (garden)
Taliaferro-Cole House (garden)
Tayloe Office (c. 1982)
Tazewell Hall (background) (1916)
Travis House and Geddy House (c. 1940) (background)
Garden of the Travis House (c. 1937)
St. George Tucker House (1940's) (lawn, fence)
St. George Tucker House (photograph background; 1940s ?)
St. George Tucker House and Roscow Cole House (c. 1907; background)
Vest House / Capitol site marker / Duke of Gloucester St. (c. 1907)
George Wythe FDC cachets (drawing; June 20, 1985)
Wythe House (background)
Wythe House (background; 1911)
Wythe House (background, c. 1914)
Wythe House and Robert Carter House (background; woodcut; 1875)
George Wythe House and Bruton Parish Church (etching, E. C. Peixotto; 1917)
Wythe House and Grissell Hay Lodging House (background)
Confederate Monument / Wythe House / High School (photograph; 1922)

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