Duke of Gloucester St. looking west from Market Square around 1914. This is
a single double-width postcard. From left to right are the Powder Magazine,
a few miscellaneous outbuildings (the left-most of which may be Ayers Garage
and/or the Williamsburg Motor Co. (a Chevrolet dealership), Hotel Williamsburg,
Peninsula Garage (formerly Spencer's wooden store), a stretch of Duke of
Gloucester Street with the Roscow Cole House and Bruton Parish Church visible
in the distance, the George Wythe House, the Courthouse, and the St. George
Tucker House. An office attached to the St. George Tucker House, just visible
to the right of the Courthouse, was demolished when the House was restored.
The sign in the lawn in front of the Powder Magazine reads "Old Powder Horn
[something] Gov. Spottswood."

This picture was framed, so the reverse must remain a mystery.