United States Government (c. 1907)

Official U.S. Navy Photos

No. 204-N - Soldiers at Camp Peary Visit Old Williamsburg
No. 205-N - A Seabee Visits Williamsburg in War Time
No. 208-N - Soldiers visit old Court House
No. 1621 - Entrance marker
No. 1622 - Seabee commando landing practice
No. 1623 - Seabees are fighters, too
No. 1624 - Seabees demolition practice
No. 1625 - Seabees at sea and at disembarkation point
No. 1626 - Seabee commando trainees
No. 1627 - Seabees clean up their hives
No. 1628 - Construction battalions practice landings
No. 1629 - Seabees constructing a "sand" roadway
No. 1630 - Seabees unloading supplies

Postal Cards

William and Mary College and Custis Kitchen
Old Powder Horn
Courthouse and Capitol site
Bruton Parish Church (aluminum)
Bruton Parish Church, font, and tomb
Greenhow Brick Office and Cornwallis' Headquarters
Postal Card (1958)
George Wythe Postal Card (1985)
Wren Building Postal Card (1993)

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