Miscellaneous Publishers

Single Cards by Miscellaneous Publishers

James E. Abba - Old Bruton Parish Church (1911)
Aerial Surveys, Henry DeWolf - 23673-C, Windy Hill Mobile Home Village
Allied Press, Richmond, Va. - Middlesex Guest House
Arrow Novelty Co. - That's Funny! (1930s?)
Baughman Co., Richmond, Va. - Lake Matoaka Amphitheatre (1948)
Ward Beckett & Co., Clearwater, Fla. - T-2A, Busch Gardens Skyrail Safari
Bill Bennett Studios, Pennsburg, Pa. - Governor Spottswood Motel (1971)
A. C. Bosselman & Co., New York - 5577, William and Mary College
Boswell Printing Co. - The Jefferson Inn (drawing)
Brad McGann - WB4GTG Ham radio QSL card (1970)
Busch Gardens - The Old Country (1985)
C. C. E. & E. Co., Syracuse, N. Y. - Bruton Parish Church
Church-Graphic Productions, Summersville, W. Va. - 126829, Hickory Neck Church
Dean Shostak - 31B54079, Dean Shostak and his glass armonica
Forward's Color Productions, Inc. - A-97002-D, Basketville
Gettier-Montanye, Glyndon, Md. - 22,616F, Anchor Motel (c. 1963)
Hannau Color Prod. / Color Masters - 57984, Continental Motel / Econo Lodge / Queen Anne (1963)
Louis H. Frohman - The Lafayette
Moss Photo Service, Inc. - The Raleigh Motel
Alice Burnside Paret - No. 14, Masonic Lodge (1908)
Ramada Brochure Plan - Ramada Inn West
Adolphe Selige Pub. Co. - 4886, Wren Building
Silberne Sales Inc. - 0588018, Williamsburg Gardens
Ralph Stantley - Willow Lodge (drawing)
B. E. Steel, Jamestown Island (Albertype) - Bruton Parish Church (painting) (1935)
Dick Welton, Welton Associates, Inc. - Carolynn Court (1992)
Weymouth Studios, Williamsburg, Va. - Professional Pharmacy (Dexter Press)
Williamsburg Nat'l Wax Museum
Wythe Publishing Co. - Parkway overpass (Curt Teich; 1958)

Unknown / Unlisted publishers

43455. Bruton Parish Church
Bruton Parish Church (c. 1936)
Bruton Parish Church (1915-1925 ?)
The Capitol (1930's or 1940's)
The Capitol Restaurant
Christian Science Society (late 1940s ?)
C. & O. Depot (reproduction)
Colonial Campground
Colonial Motel
Colony Motel
The Courthouse (of 1770) (1905-6)
Duke of Gloucester St., c. 1907)
Econo-Travel Motor Hotel / Econo Lodge (1972)
Fort Magruder Inn
Homestead Tourist / Colonial Capitol B&B
Homestead Tourist / Colonial Capitol B&B
The James City Courthouse
The James City Courthouse
The Jefferson Inn (drawing; 1990)
Jefferson Motel / Thomas Jefferson Inn (1990's)
Mama Steve's House of Pancakes
6369B. Mount Vernon Motor Lodge
Old Masonic Hall
Packard Clipper at the Williamsburg Inn (1955 ?)
Pocahontas Motor Lodge / Int'l Housing Village
Powder Magazine - APVA card (1930's ?)
Providence Forge Hotel
The Selby
Ted's Restaurant
Tourism Year of the Americas (1972)
White Heron Tea House

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