Official Colonial Williamsburg Cards

Colonial Williamsburg produced several numbered series
of postcards. Numbers 501 through 559 were chromes produced
from c. 1955 to c. 1978 by H. S. Crocker. For most cards in
this series, three forms exist, differentiated by the publisher
line down the midline of the reverse:

H. S. Crocker, Baltimore / San Francisco

In the following table, 'EK' indicates that the "Ektachrome"
version is in the author's collection. 'SF' indicates San
Francisco, and 'BA' indicates Baltimore.
504(a)BAEKWren Building
504(b)SFEKWren Building and Lord Botetourt
505SFBAEKThe Public Gaol (c. 1954)
506SFBAEKThe Raleigh Tavern
508SFBAEKWilliamsburg Inn
509SFBAEKPowder Magazine and Guardhouse
518SF Williamsburg Inn swimming pool
518-BSFBA Williamsburg Inn and Lodge swimming pools
519-BSFGolden Horseshoe Golf Course
519-CBAGolden Horseshoe Golf Course
521SFBA Robertson's Windmill
526SFJames Fort, Jamestown
534SFBerkeley Plantation - entrance room
535SFBAHistoric Berkeley Plantation
540 (i)SFBAEKThe Motor House / Williamsburg Woodlands
540 (ii)SFThe Motor House / Williamsburg Woodlands
541EKThe Motor House / Williamsburg Woodlands
542SFStory of a Patriot: The Fry Family at Riverton
543SFBAStory of a Patriot: A Jolly Gathering in the Raleigh Tavern Apollo Room
544SFBAStory of a Patriot: The Militia as Seen in "Williamsburg--The Story..."
545SFBAStory of a Patriot: Patrick Henry in the Virginia House of Burgesses
546SFBAStory of a Patriot: The Royal Governor Dismisses the Virginia House of Burgesses
547SFBAStory of a Patriot: The Virginia Burgesses Meet in the Raleigh Tavern
548SFBAStory of a Patriot: Virginia Patriots in Secret Session
549SFStory of a Patriot: British Sympathizers Meeting at Westover Plantation
552SFBAChowning's Tavern (1950s ?)
554SFBACarter's Grove Plantation
555BAGolden Horseshoe Club House
557BAThe Cascades Restaurant

The "700" series consists of black and white drawings by Charles H. Overly.
There are 4 basic types. The first come in black/white and watercolor varieties:

In the following table, these types are referred to as 'OV1' through 'OV4.'
704OV1OV2 OV4The Wren Building (drawing, mid- to late 1950s ?)
708OV1OV2OV4The Williamsburg Inn (drawing, mid- to late 1950s ?)
709OV1OV2OV3OV4The Powder Magazine (drawing, mid- to late 1950s ?)
721OV1OV2OV3Chowning's Tavern (drawing, mid- to late 1950s ?)

In the following table, 'SB' stands for San Bruno, California.
805BAPowder Magazine and Guardhouse in winter
808BAGarden of the Dr. Barraud House
809BAA Formal Garden (garden of the Deane House)
811BADuke of Gloucester Street
812BAAerial view of Market Square
830BAThe Wren Building (c. 1982)
831BAThe Tayloe Office (c. 1982)
841BAOutdoor Crafts (c. 1982)
845BAAbby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Collection (c. 1982)
846BATaliaferro-Cole Garden
848BACarter's Grove
849BAThe Public Gaol (c. 1982)
850BAThe Wren Building Chapel (c. 1982)
854BAThe Magazine (interior)
868BAKing's Arms Tavern
859BARobertson's Windmill
869BAPowder Magazine and Guardhouse
873SBCarter's Grove Plantation Christmas Tree
901BACarter's Grove Great Hall
902BACarter's Grove Refusal Room
903BACarter's Grove Library
904BACarter's Grove Plantation Office
906BACarter's Grove Plantation Kitchen
907BACarter's Grove Study (A)
907BACarter's Grove Study (B)
908BACarter's Grove Master Bedroom
910BAWilliamsburg Inn (c. 1982)
911BACarter's Grove Plantation - Wolstenholme Helmets
913BACarter's Grove - Archaeologists
13872SBChristmas Decoration / holiday fruit
144857BAPublic Hospital

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