"Williamsburg - The Story of a Patriot"

A 1956 motion picture written by Emmet Lavery and directed by
George Seaton. It was filmed in Williamsburg. These cards were
produced by H. S. Crocker Co., Inc. as part of the Official
Colonial Williamsburg" series.

542 - The Fry Family at Riverton
543 - A Jolly Gathering in the Raleigh Tavern Apollo Room
544 - The Militia as Seen in "Williamsburg--The Story of a Patriot"
545 - Patrick Henry in the Virginia House of Burgesses
546 - The Royal Governor Dismisses the Virginia House of Burgesses
547 - The Virginia Burgesses Meet in the Raleigh Tavern
548 - Virginia Patriots in Secret Session
549 - British Sympathizers Meeting at Westover Plantation

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