Military Postcards

U.S. Marine Rifle Range / Camp Harrington

This rifle range belonged to a short-lived military installation known as Camp Harrington or Camp Admiral Harrington. Camp Harrington was established in July, 1905 as a rifle range for the USMC. It was located on the southern bank of the York River, just west of where Queens Creek joins it on some of the land now currently occupied by Camp Peary. A 1906 memo regarding Camp Harrington.

Williamsburg Wins Ballgame

"In a hotly contested (hot because it was so) game of base ball last Saturday afternoon on Court Green between the Williamsburg and Camp Admiral Harrington nines, the local team won an easy victory from the soldiers. The score stood 7 to 14. There was a big crowd of rooters on hand."

--The Virginia Gazette, July 21, 1906

Some of the photographs in this series are from Camp Harrington and others are from Marine barracks in Norfolk. All are included for the sake of completeness.

No. 1 - (?)
No. 2 - Camp Harrington. U.S. Marines at the Rifle Range, Williamsburg
No. 3 - A Skirmish Run, U.S. Marines on the Range
No. 4 - The Post Library, U.S. Marine Barracks, Norfolk
No. 5 - Camp of the U.S. Marine Corps Rifle Team, Williamsburg
No. 6 - Squad Room, U.S. Marine Barracks, Norfolk
No. 7 - U.S. Marine Barracks, Norfolk
No. 8 - Mess Hall, U.S. Marine Barracks, Norfolk
No. 9 - Skirmish Fire by U.S. Marines, Marine Rifle Range, Williamsburg
No. 10 - Targets used by U.S. Marines, Target Range, Williamsburg
No. 11 - Rifle instructions to recruits, U.S. Marine Rifle Range, Williamsburg
No. 12 - All experts at this range, U.S. Marines, Williamsburg

Camp Peary / Seabees (c. 1943)

No. 204-N - Soldiers at Camp Peary Visit Old Williamsburg
No. 205-N - A Seabee Visits Williamsburg in War Time
No. 206-N - ?
No. 207-N - ?
No. 208-N - Soldiers visit old Court House
No. 1621 - Entrance marker
No. 1622 - Seabee commando landing practice
No. 1623 - Seabees are fighters, too
No. 1624 - Seabees demolition practice
No. 1625 - Seabees at sea and at disembarkation point
No. 1626 - Seabee commando trainees
No. 1627 - Seabees clean up their hives
No. 1628 - Construction battalions practice landings
No. 1629 - Seabees constructing a "sand" roadway
No. 1630 - Seabees unloading supplies
We build and fight with all our might!
Camp Peary as the U.S. Naval Training & Dist. Center (c. 1944)

Confederate Monument

Confederate Monument and Wythe House (1916)
Confederate Monument and High School (c. 1927)
Confederate Monument / Wythe House / High School (photograph; 1922)
Confederate Monument and Wythe House (c. 1914)

Other Military-themed Cards

U.S.O. Residence
Soldiers from camp Eustis at Eastern State (photogrpah; 1919)

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