The Courthouse

The Courthouse, built in 1770, is at the center of the old
city on Duke of Gloucester St. The columns were added in 1911, and
removed around 1929 because they were not present in colonial days.

The Courthouse (photograph; c. 1878)
Courthouse (real photo; 1905-06)
Courthouse and Capitol site (c. 1907)
Courthouse (c. 1907)
Courthouse (c. 1907)
Courthouse (1902)
Courthouse (photograph; 1907)
Courthouse green (photograph; 1907)
Courthouse (c. 1910)
Courthouse (May, 1916)
Courthouse (c. 1927)
Courthouse (c. 1928)
Courthouse (photograph; 1927-1930)
Courthouse (1930s)
Courthouse (1930s)
Courthouse (mid to late 1930s)
Courthouse (c. 1936)
Courthouse and Seabees (early 1940s)
The Courthouse (photograph; 1940s ?)
The Courthouse and carriage (photograph; 1940s ?)

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Courthouse (c. 1914) (background)
Magazine, with Courthouse in background, late 1920's
Magazine, with Courthouse in background

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