H. D. Cole

H. D. Cole

Colonial Capitol (painting, circa 1930)
Ewell / Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall (1920s ?)
Wren Building (c. 1929 / 1930)
Wren Building (1920s ?)
Powder Magazine
Powder Magazine (date unknown; 1920s?)
The Raleigh Tavern (1931)
Colonial Hotel / Williamsburg Inn
Old Debtors Prison (Greenhow Brick Office) (1931) The Brafferton
Westover Plantation (c. 1929)

Curt Teich

58752 - Jefferson Hall (late 1920's?) (Commercial Colortype Company)
58766 - Mrs. Washington's Kitchen (1928)
58832 - Old Debtors Prison (1928)
59891 - Duke of Gloucester St. (1920's) (Commercial Colortype Co.)
63040 - Ewell / Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall (late 1920s ?)
D-6845 - Paper Mulberry Tree (1942)
D-7528 - Williamsburg Presbyterian Church (1944)
D-7529 - Williamsburg Baptist Church (1944)
D-7530 - Methodist Church (1944)

Albertype Cards

Main Building, College of William and Mary
College of William and Mary
St. Peter's Church, New Kent Co.
Bruton Parish Church (painting)
Governor's Palace (c. 1937 ?)
Wren Building and statue of Lord Botetourt (late 1920s)

No publisher listed, but probably H. D. Cole

The Quarter (drawing)

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