Atelier Graphique

In the 1940's, Colonial Williamsburg commissioned a series
of color postcards from the Swiss printer Atelier Graphique.
Postmarks in this series span from 1946 to 1956. For most cards
in this series, three versions of each card exist, distinguished
by the publisher line down the midline of the reverse:

In the following table, 'V' indicates that the card bears the
legend "Made in Switzerland by Atelier Graphique...", 'R' indicates
"...Runca Import Company," and 'T' indicates "...K. S. Tanner, Jr."
51VRTWren Building
53 RTThe Raleigh Tavern (c. 1944)
54 RTPitt-Dixon House
55VRTWilliamsburg Inn
247RPowder Magazine (late 1940s ?)
248VRChowning's Tavern (late 1940s ?)
336VThe Public Gaol (early 1950s)
337VThe Raleigh Tavern (early 1950s)
338VPowder Magazine and Guardhouse (early 1950s)
340VWren Buidling and statue of Lord Botetourt
341VDuke of Gloucester Street

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