Gallery Art

Baby in Red Chair
Berkeley Plantation (whiskey painting)
Berkeley Plantation ("Day of Decision" painting)

Paintings / Sketches of Williamsburg

The Albertype Company

Bruton Parish Church
Williamsburg Inn (c. 1937)

American Colortype Co., N. Y.

Powder Magazine, 1907 (painting)

The American News Company / Litho-Chrome

Bruton Parish Church

Arrow Novelty Company, NY

That's Funny! (1930s?)

The Asheville Post Card Co.

Greetings from Virginia - map card

The Baughman Co.

Lake Matoaka Amphitheatre (1948)

Boswell Printing Co.

The Jefferson Inn

H. D. Cole

(?) The Quarter (drawing)
Colonial Capitol (painting, c. 1930)

The Collotype Co., Inc.

Library / Tucker Hall (drawing; early 1940s)
The Raleigh Tavern (drawing; early 1940s)

Colonial Williamsburg

James Fort, Jamestown

Dexter Press

The College Yard
Yorkshire Inn
Greetings from Virginia - map card (1970)
Virginia "The Old Dominion State" (with Capitol)

Dietz Printing

We build and fight with all our might!
Camp Peary as the U.S. Naval Training & Dist. Center (c. 1944)

Everett Waddey Company

The Williamsburg Inn

First Day Covers (FDCs)

Various George Wythe FDC cachets (June 20, 1985)

Franklin Press

Bruton Parish church (1907)
Colonial Capitol (1907)

Henry Howe

College of William & Mary (engraving; 1845)
Powder Magazine (woodcut; 1845)
Governor's Palace advance buildings (woodcut; 1845)
Colonial Capitol (woodcut; 1845)

The Jamestown Exposition (Jamestown Amusement & Vending Co., Inc.)

Powder Magazine, 1907 (painting)

Benson J. Lossing

Bruton Parish Church (engraving; 1855)
Governor's Palace advance buildings (engraving; 1855)
Colonial Capitol (engraving; 1855)
Powder Magazine (engraving; 1855)
Apollo Room, the Raleigh Tavern (engraving; 1855)
The Raleigh Tavern (engraving; 1855)

Mayer / Plastichrome

Sheraton Motor Inn / Governor's Inn (late 1960s ?)
Greetings from Virginia (c. 1973)
Greetings from Virginia (1965)

McGrew Color Graphics

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

Shirley Fout Miller

The Governor's Palace (ink drawing)

Walter H. Miller

Berkeley Plantation
Berkeley Plantation: Harrison's old Shipyard

Charles H. Overly

Charles H. Overly drawings in 700 series

E. C. Peixotto

Courthouse Green (watercolor, E. C. Peixotto; 1907)
President's House (etching, E. C. Peixotto; 1917)
Bruton Parish Church and George Wythe House (etching, E. C. Peixotto; 1917)
Main stair at Carter's Grove (etching, E. C. Peixotto; 1917)

Real Photos

Lake Matoaka Amphitheatre (1947 / 1949)

Scribner's Monthly

College of William & Mary (woodcut; 1875)
The Wren Building (woodcut; 1875)
The Wren Building (woodcut; 1875)
Lord Botetourt statue (woodcut; 1875)
Bruton Parish Church (woodcut; 1875)
Queen Anne Set / George III Silver (woodcut; 1875)
Colonial Capitol (woodcut; 1875)
Governor's Palace advance building ruins (woodcut; 1875)
The Raleigh Tavern (woodcut; 1875)
Powder Magazine (woodcut; 1875)
Apollo Room, the Raleigh Tavern (woodcut; 1875)
Library in the Wren Building (woodcut; 1875)
Duke of Gloucester St. from the Wren Building (woodcut; 1875)

Ralph Stantley

Willow Lodge (drawing)

James E. Taylor

Bruton Parish Church (from Leslie's Weekly, engraving; 1866)

Curt Teich

Bruton Parish Church
From Williamsburg to Jamestown - map card (1945)
Greetings from Virginia (map card; 1965)

Virginia Printing Company

Lake Matoaka Amphitheatre (1947 / 1949)


The Jefferson Inn (drawing; 1990)

Williamsburg Taverns and Ordinaries, Inc.

The Williamsburg Inn


Bruton Parish Church (woodcut; 1892 ?)
Westover Plantation (drawing)
Packard Clipper at the Williamsburg Inn (1955 ?)

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