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This website contains scanned images of postcards from Williamsburg, Virginia. It is dedicated to historians, fellow collectors, residents of Williamsburg, and anyone who may be interested in visiting this wonderful city. Besides postcards, you can find other vintage images of Williamsburg here, all scanned from photographs, books, and other publications. You can also find articles.

You can browse through cards by topic or by publisher/printer. Every card is represented at least once under "topic" and at least once under "publisher" - I say "at least once" because cards often feature pictures that fit into more than one category, or list both a publisher and a printer. Throughout the pages you will find modern photographs shot from the same spot as the original postcard. When you have time, read more about these pages. Enjoy the tour...



Art Cards
Bed & breakfasts, tourist homes
Bruton Parish Church
Busch Gardens
Camping Grounds
Carter's Grove Plantation
College of William & Mary (misc)
College of William & Mary (Wren Bldg)
The Colonial Capitol Building
Colonial Parkway
Colonial shops
The Courthouse
Custis Kitchen
Debtor's Prison
Duke of Gloucester Street
Eastern State Hospital
The Governor's Palace
Horses and Carriages
Hotels, motels, and other lodgings
Masonic Lodge
Merchants Square
Military scenes / Fife & Drum Corps
Misc. locations in Williamsburg
Motels, hotels, and other lodgings
The Powder Magazine
The Public Gaol
Robertson's Windmill
Stores and businesses
"Story of a Patriot"
William & Mary (College of)
Williamsburg Inn and Lodge
The Wren Building

Other (non-postcard) material

Publishers and Printers:

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Henry H. Ahrens
Albertype Company
Alleghany Publishers
American Colortype Company
American News Company
Artvue Post Card Co.
Asheville Postcard Co.
Atelier Graphique
J. P. Bell
Brooks Photographers, Inc.
C. R. Brown
Butler Enterprises
Cards Unlimited
H. D. Cole
Collotype Company
Colonial Studio(s)
Colonial Williamsburg, Incorporated
Commercial Colortype Company
H. S. Crocker
Detroit Pub. Co. / Photographic Co.
Dexter Press
Dietz Printing
Dudley Printers
"Dutch Pennant" series
Gray & Thompson
Great Entertainer
Douglas B. Green II
Hannau Color Productions
John T. Hopf
Jamestown Exposition
Louis Kaufmann & Sons
Hugh C. Leighton Company
F. S. Lincoln
Lusterchrome / Asheville Post Card Co.
John A. Luttrell
Mary Jayne's Railroad Specialties
Mayer Post Card Co. / Plastichrome
McGrew Color Graphics
Meriden Gravure Company
Merry Old Mobiles
Ruth Murray Miller
Shirley Fout Miller
Walter Miller / Town Crier / Bicast
Miscellaneous / unknown publishers
National Press
Nonpareil Ptg. & Pub. Co.
Official Colonial Williamsburg
Owens & Minor Drug Co., Inc.
Picto-Cards--Kaeser & Blair, Inc.
L. B. Prince Company
R. B. Co.
Real Photos
"Red Ink" Series
Richmond News Company
Mike Roberts
Rowe Distributing Co.
Adolph Selige Publishing Co.
W. L. Slater
J. H. Stone
Stone Printing & Mfg. Co.
Curt Teich and related cards
Tichnor Brothers
Raphael Tuck & Sons
United States Government
Virginia Conservation Commission
Virginia Printing Company
Everett Waddey Company
J. H. Wagoner Pub. Co.
Washington News Company
C. E. Wheelock & Company
Thomas L. Williams
Williamsburg Drug Company
Wmsbg. National Wax Museum
Wmsbg. Photo Service / Photo Studio
Wmsbg. Publishing Company
Wmsbg. Taverns / Ordinaries / Inn & Lodge