The Science Hall (the second Ewell Hall), taken from the 1922 Colonial Echo.

From 1901 the College was looking to build a Science Hall, proceeding from a
gift of $3000 and intended to name it Blodgett Hall. In 1904 they started fund-raising
in earnest, with the hall finished in December 1905 and dedicated April 27, 1906. The
building contained a number of offices, including the Department of Political Science
(moved to the Wren Building in 1916) and the Registrar (moved to the Wren Building in
1919). In 1921 Biology moved to a temporary building behind the dining hall, apparently
to the Penniman Building (but in 1929 Biology moved to Washington Hall, so maybe there
was a move back or a split). In 1927 it was named Ewell Hall when Ewell Dorm was torn
down. In 1931 it was the home of Music, Shorthand, and Typing, and in 1932 it was torn
down. Charles Robinson noted (c. 1928) that "while it is laid in Flemish bond, the brick
work is fiery red in color and is out of harmony with all else on campus."

--From information provided by Terry Meyers

"The gymnasium (Citizenship Hall) was balanced by a science building on the
northwest side of the Wren Building. Opened in 1906
[April 27] and renamed Ewell Hall
in 1927, the science building and its greenhouse (located just to the west of the
President's House) were demolished in 1932."

--Williamsburg Reunion - 1960 and Before