"First leased and later purchased in 1894, this building was known at
different times as the Long House, the Steward's House, the Rear Dormitory
and the Deanery. Located to the east of the future site of Trinkle Hall on
the south side of Jamestown Road, it was used variously as a residence for the
college steward, a dining room, a men's dormitory, a women's dormitory and a
dean's residence. Its stuccoed brick walls were painted yellow, and it was
distinguished by a high English basement and a castellated parapet. By 1920
the Dew Drop Inn tearoom was being operated in the basement by the college's
home economics club. Around 1930 the structure was torn down and what was
left of the cellar was made into a goldfish pond."
--Williamsburg Reunion - 1960 and Before

Taken with permission from Williamsburg Reunion - 1960 and Before.