"In 1901 the college constructed a gymnasium to the southwest of the
Wren Building. In 1922 the structure was converted to classroom use and was
named Citizenship Hall when it housed the Marshall-Tythe School of Government
and Citizenship. Charles M. Robinson, architect of the Sunken Garden campus, was
to write that Citizenship "...has not one single excuse for existence, except to
serve as a horrible example and to shelter classes which otherwise would have no
other habitation. ... Poverty may justify lack of ornamentation, but with the
example of Brafferton in sight, there is no excuse for a design as bad as this."
In 1931, with the nearby Wren Building restored to its 18th century
appearance, Citizenship was demolished."
--Williamsburg Reunion - 1960 and Before

Taken with permission from Williamsburg Reunion - 1960 and Before.