An engraving of Bruton Parish Church, taken from an 1866 Leslie's Weekly Newspaper.
In the foreground can be seen the

Brenton Church [sic]

"This is one of the relics of colonial times in the Old Dominion, was built
about the beginning of the last century, and then regarded as one of the finest
structures in the country. A writer of that period speaks of it as "nicely regular and
convenient, and as well adorned as the best churches in London." The pew of Governor
Spottswood remained in the church in its original condition until within a few years.
It was raised from the floor and covered with a canopy, and had his name inscribed
in gilt letters upon the interior.

In the graveyard adjacent to the church are several tombstones still in a state of good
preservation, though two centuries have passsd [sic] since their erection. They were
sculptured in England and imported to this country."