Dietz Press, Richmond, Virginia

No. 204-N - Seabees of Camp Peary Visit Old Williamsburg, Va. (early 1940s)
No. 205-N - A Seabee visits Williamsburg in War Time (early 1940s)
No. 208-N - Soldiers visit Old Court House (early 1940s)
No. 1621 - Entrance marker
No. 1622 - Seabee commando landing practice
No. 1623 - Seabees are fighters, too
No. 1624 - Seabees demolition practice
No. 1625 - Seabees at sea and at disembarkation point
No. 1626 - Seabee commando trainees
No. 1627 - Seabees clean up their hives
No. 1628 - Construction battalions practice landings
No. 1629 - Seabees constructing a "sand" roadway
No. 1630 - Seabees unloading supplies
We build and fight with all our might!
Camp Peary as the U.S. Naval Training & Dist. Center (c. 1944)

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